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Install Target Country by IP Address

If you want to restrict access to visitors from YY country,Or you want to block a whole lot of countries. But make exceptions for ip addresses (eg: your IP Adress).
  • Add the next line at the beginning of EVERY PAGE YOU NEED TO REDIRECT VISITORS
  • <?PHP $anp_path="cr/"; include($anp_path."cr.php"); ?>

    or (if cr/ directory is a level up)

    <?PHP $anp_path="../cr/"; include($anp_path."cr.php"); ?>

  • Edit cr/cr.php ,You must set :

  • You can add the IP address or the network`s IP range in the cr/exceptions_ips.dat file in order for the visitors to be able to visit your website. Exemple:;

  • edit the Redirection Rules file(cur_re_rules.php), for country YY uncomment the line and place an invalid url for it (YY=404.php)
  • $anp_rr["YY"]=""

  • To test and debug , poin your browser to
    When you are satisfied, set _DEBUG_MODE to 0.
    You must edit cr/cr.php and modify it.

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