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Install Target Country by IP Address

I made the rule for NL and then there is no redirection? It just says it should do it. message: "The visitor should be redirected now to".

You can edit cr/cr.php and modify it.

Step by Step

1> To test and debug you need to set in cr/cr.php the constant _DEBUG_MODE to 1:
define("_DEBUG_MODE","1") then poin your browser to

2> Now play with the configuration, modify redirection rules.

3> When you are satisfied, set _DEBUG_MODE to 2 in order to test how cookies / session vars are saved.
When it`s ok set _DEBUG_MODE to 0.

define("_DEBUG_MODE","1"); // Debug Mode on/off
// Possible options: "0", "1", "2"

// "0" (Debug Mode off) means that this script will not print any information. Cookies will be set, so the detection will take place only once per session. If you change the redirection rules, to test or check the actions of the script you have to close all browser windows, and open a new browser window to your site.

// "1" (Debug Mode on) means that the script prints runtime information above all the html of your site. this shows you step by step what is this script doing. When debug mode is on (1) no cookie will be set, so the detection takes place each time the script is executed.

// "2" (Debug Mode on) means that the script will print all runtime information but will also set cookies and session variables, So the country detection takes place only once, then it is loaded from cookie/session vars.

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