Target Country by IP Address allows you to redirect your traffic based on country

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Install Target Country by IP Address

If you want to use Target Country by IP Address to safely reject all visitors from country XX and YY and to accept all the other visitors
  • Add the next line at the beginning of EVERY PAGE YOU NEED TO REDIRECT VISITORS
  • <?PHP $anp_path="cr/"; include($anp_path."cr.php"); ?>

    or (if cr/ directory is a level up)

    <?PHP $anp_path="../cr/"; include($anp_path."cr.php"); ?>

  • Edit cr/cr.php ,You must set :

  • edit the Redirection Rules file(cur_re_rules.php), for country XX uncomment the line and place an invalid url for it (XX=error.php) . Do the same for YY.
  • $anp_rr["XX"]=""


  • To test and debug , poin your browser to
    When you are satisfied, set _DEBUG_MODE to 0.
    You must edit cr/cr.php and modify it.

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