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Zip Code For US Database(ZCUS) allows you to quickly and easily find a ZipCode.ZCUS can tell you the geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the locations identified by zipcodes. The database is now available in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.These CSV files contain zipcode city state. They can be loaded into MS Access, SQL Server, and many other programs.

CSV Format

The CSV File contains seven fields:

  • Zipcode
  • City
  • State

This is an sample of how the CSV file is structured:

zipcode	city	state
00501	Holtsville	NY
00601	Adjuntas	PR
00602	Aguada	PR
00603	Aguadilla	PR
00604	Aguadilla	PR
00605	Aguadilla	PR
00610	Anasco	PR

ZipCode for US Database (> 43,000 records)

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